Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Meet Atlantia: Wild Woman Mermaid Doll

Feel the ocean calling you...Atlantia's sea-green eyes have beheld the most magical of the ocean's mysteries and her mermaid charms bring transformation and wisdom. She is a special gift for an older girl entering a new stage in her life or an adult woman who treasures her feminine link with the mystical. Maybe a daughter who has just learned to swim or a friend embarking on an ocean voyage... I also think that she would make a perfect first moon gift as a symbol of the girl's transition into the mysteries of womanhood. Made from my original pattern, she is 16" tall from her beaded tribal headdress to the tip of her needle-felted fins (exluding the green silk flutters). She is stuffed with wool roving from local sheep and constructed using both new and recycled materials. I have have left the edges of her silk fins raw for a seaweed effect, but my seven-year old daughter loves the way this allows them to float on the slightest breeze and the way her "believe" charm necklace jingles. (I have made her a mermaid doll of her own, but she has been magnetically drawn to must be her siren's song!)

Hi, I'm Rachel Hyde, cousin to Jesse and fellow Waldorf-inspired homeschooler and wild woman, and this is Atlantia, my newest waldorf doll/goddess doll creation. I love dollmaking and find it to be an inspiring way to express feminine creativity and sometimes (like on this mysterious mermaid)...go a little wild.


dottyspots said...

She is wonderful!

Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND said...

She is gorgeous! PS I also love your BLOG philosophy. Once of my favorite books of all times is "Women that Run with the Wolves" and I have a Wolf totem :)

Linda said...

She is beautiful!

Leilani said...

What a wonderful doll! I love the detail. It certainly speaks to me.
- A fellow Wild Woman :)