Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wildness of the Female Spirit by Sophia Breillat

There is an inherent wildness in woman that cannot be contained or controlled. Her deepest pain is her separation from this essential essence, where man rarely reaches her. Her sweetest joy is when she is simply being, resting peacefully within. Here, she is united with the seasons’ awakening, earth’s nourishment and moon’s phases.
Woman’s innate feminine intuition cannot flow spontaneously when masqueraded beneath a cloak of time, schedules, briefcases, business suits and corporate board meetings. Such efficiency is alien to her mysterious depth, which is beyond the world of existence. This world does not create space for her.
When lured from her profundity into a male-dominated civilisation, she loses touch with the simplicity of her true magnificence. In the outer world, she is manipulated into being man’s “equal” through competitive achievement.
When content within her being, she has no need for such competition, as she knows it is not her true nature. In striving for “equality” with man, she leaves the power and stillness of her love.
The feminine spirit is nurturing, receptive, gentle and peaceful. Through projection, woman loses touch with her body as a divine source of sacred intimacy and passionate profundity.
When inwardly still, she can be in the world without using work as a substitute for love or a distraction from lack of love.
Woman’s rhythm is circular, attuned with the wisdom of nature’s abundant cycles. The world of straight lines, concrete, measuring and quantifying is unfamiliar with her truth, which is love. She does her best within an un-giving environment of computerised technology, political unrest and global upheaval. She intuitively knows, but she is afraid to know, for her inner realm is not naturally aligned with the world. Her knowledge is that of love, and love is her home.
Through the world’s dishonouring of her sacredness, she has lost her tenderness and sweet surrender. Sexual hardness then replaces her natural sensuality. In building a layer of protection around her heart, like the concrete layers upon the earth, she has forgotten that her body is a temple. Woman is not of the world ~ she is of the earth, moon and stars. Her female spirit is capricious, moist, rich and succulent. When this spirit is repressed, she becomes dry, brittle, intellectual and barren.